Uhuru Kenyatta says intra-Africa trade tops Kenya’s Foreign Policy objectives

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said one of his priority Foreign Policy objectives is to see trade between African countries grow. Kenya’s published it’s first Foreign Policy in November, 2014. 

The President said he has promoted the integration of the East African region and advocated for increased collaboration between African nations. Kenyatta was responding to questions by officers from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt and Nigeria who are attending a course at the National Defence College in Karen, Nairobi.

Underlying Kenya’s peace and security diplomacy is the recognition of peace and stability as necessary pre-conditions for development and prosperity. Linked to this, is Kenya’s conviction that its own stability and economic wellbeing are dependent on the stability of the sub-region, Africa and the rest of the world.

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People-to-people movement and easier movement of goods and services is at the heart of Africa building a prosperous future. Kenyatta said he wants to change the traditional trend where the economic interest of African countries ended at their own borders in relation to other nations on the continent while they trade extensively with overseas nations.

About Kenya’s foreign policy

Kenya’s Foreign Policy include the Kenya Vision 2030 and its Medium Term Plans, Sessional Papers, Manifestos of the ruling political parties; Executive pronouncements and Circulars, among others.

The document spells out the general terms of Kenya’s engagement with the international community and the principles behind its foreign dealings.

On 3rd May, 2017, Kenyatta launched the National Defence Policy and Gender Policy documents at the National Defence College, Karen. The Policy acknowledges and respects Kenya’s dealings with it’s neighbours, the East Africa Community and other Regional Mechanisms. It also recognizes the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) framework as well as other International institutional mechanisms to mitigate peace and Security.

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