How to apply for a name for your business

Your Progress

What you need to do

Choosing a name is a necessary step

  • Your business name must be unique.
  • The proposed names will be rejected if they are the same or similar to business names already registered in Kenya.
  • You can present maximum 3 (three) options

You need to fill out a form

Your form must request that the identified names be reserved for the incorporation of your company

  • Put up to three names in a list, with your preferred choice on top.

The Companies Registry will check if any of the names you have requested already exist

  • The Registry will check if it is too similar to names already registered.
  • The Registry will check if a name is prohibited for other reasons (such as being offensive).
  • Words must be in full: initials are not accepted as a Company Name.

The approval for a reserved Company Name lasts for 30 days

  • It can be renewed for a further 30 days if necessary.
  • Renewal is applied for at the Attorney General’s office.

Required Documents

Additional information

How long does it take to apply for a Business Name and how much does it cost?

  • Approval is IMMEDIATE once you have submitted your choice of names.
  • It costs KSH 100 (One Hundred Kenya Shillings) for every name reservation.

You can apply for name search and reservation ONLINE via Kenya’s e-Citizen platform:

  • Please use this link to apply:
  • Online application costs KSH 150 per name (One Hundred & Fifty Kenya Shillings)

You can apply for business name reservation using your Safaricom registered mobile phone number

  • To apply via your Safaricom mobile dial *271# for name registration (click here to visit our Learning Centre to find out more).


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