Mirco, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been recognised by multilateral organisations, development agencies and Governments across the World as a key enabler of economic growth and development. In many advanced nations, MSMEs represent a core pillar of the economy and play the most significant role in driving sectoral competitiveness, business innovation and wealth creation.

In Kenya, MSMEs already constitute a very important segment of the economy and employ millions of people. However, the resilience of these businesses in Kenya (or the lack thereof) is a great cause of concern and serves as a major hurdle in leveraging the MSME pillar as a key driver of growth.

This component of the Kenya Business Guide seeks to contribute to, enrich and facilitate the growing conversations around MSME Development by providing access to evidence-based information on policy options available to public sector actors in their efforts to improve the macro-environment within which these businesses operate.

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The Kenya Business Guide (KBG) is a think-tank that seeks to support the improvement and strengthening of the business environment in Kenya by providing access to information on key features of both the private and public sector prerequisites in the effective functioning of business. The KBG works in the intersection of the private and public sectors developing curated and value-added information to assist leaders in making more effective decisions.

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