Rodl & Partner ‘Start-up-to-Scale Up’ SME Convention


On the 12th of April 2018, Rodl & Partner – a trustee of the Kenya Business Guide, hosted a convention entitled ‘Start-Up to Scale-Up’ aimed at bringing together leading voices in SME Development and business scale-up to have a conversation around improving prospects for Kenyan start-ups.

The Kenya Business Guide participated in the conference highlighting the importance of MSMEs to the economy, the role of strategy and macroeconomic thinking has for business owners, market insights for Kenya and the policy process for MSME Development in the country.

Presently, MSMEs represent an an untapped source for economic growth, social transformation and employment generation in Kenya. Therefore, there needs to be concerted effort and collaboration among key actors, players and stakeholders to share information and insights for the sustained development of this sector.

At the start of May 2018, the Kenya Business Guide will be unveiling its first policy brief that intends to present a five-point policy framework for MSME Development in the country. The Kenya Business Guide is grateful for the support of Rodl & Partner and continues to collaborate with the law firm on key issues including the legal & regulatory environment within which MSMEs operate.

Further details on the policy brief and its launch will be unveiled on the website.
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