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The agriculture sector has been an indispensable part of the Kenyan economy since time immemorial. It is this sector that has played a pivotal role in the functioning of the economy since the establishment of the Kenya Colony, all the way through to independence and up to the current day. Economic governance institutions have been built around the sector and development policy has always been predisposed towards it. It is a widely accepted notion that far from playing a subsidiary role in the development process, the agriculture sector and rural economy is at the heart of socioeconomic transformation and wealth creation. GDP growth in the agriculture sector is about four times more effective in poverty reduction than GDP growth from other sectors. Economic development in countries like Kenya, with a large percentage of the population still living in rural areas, must unbridle the potential of the agriculture sector and seek to bolster the rural economy through integrated policy interventions that leverage technological advancements, build on rising domestic demand and seek synergies between multiple sectors in the pursuit of higher productivity and value addition.


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