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The ICT Sector has been a remarkable success story in Kenya, both socially and economically. The  nprecedented success of mobile money and its proven role in uplifting thousands of Kenyans out of poverty and directly contributing to economic growth has led to a general analytical focus of the ICT Sector on mobile technology. Despite this, the economy of ICT across the World and in Kenya is much more diverse and intricate than a cursory examination of the sector would suggest.

Kenya’s technology ecosystem is significantly developed and provides an unprecedented avenue for business and indeed socioeconomic development. However, this ecosystem and concrete economic prospects of ICT in Kenya have often been overstated leading to normative claims under the banner of the ‘Silicon Savannah’. This Sector Brief intends to unpack the narrative of the Silicon Savannah, assessing Kenya within a global and regional context in order to determine the status of the country’s ICT Sector in relation to long term trends and emerging issues.


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